Your Joy, is our Aspiration

The classic column of balloon stacked to form a colorful wrap – generally 1.7m to 2.2m tall or taller.


Maintain the focus using a balloon arch, whether it's a square, or circular, the color bundle will keep the eye on what it surrounds


It's your designed bindweed climbing the walls and across the ceiling. Decorate the balloons with flowers, chocolate or fruits, it's your tree, stuff it lovely.

Helium Balloons

Make it unreachable and stick to the ceiling. Lighter than air, let the balloons fly up high and take your spirit with it.


A balloon cluster that adds the delight of colors where it stands. 

Confetti & Giant Balloons

Want more and more colors! Fill a giant balloon with the colorful confetti or make a snow ball (oon) of any size you want.

Inflate it with helium and love what you see..

Floor & Ceiling Display

Control the ambiance and let your space become a striking statement with balloons decorating the ceiling in the most impressive pattern or spreading on the floor to show off.

Backdrop & Organic Installation

The rule breaker installation where you are literally limitless. Arrays of different sizes, colors, material that combine to sizzle your soul.

Custom Colors

Stuffing balloons into each other with different colors to create your unique one. A variety that no one else ever saw before.

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